Sky Cove


A secret haven hidden on the largest island in Tylwol, Zephyria. Although Zephyria has just recently been colonized and cities established, pirates have used its vast mountain ranges and forests as havens for centuries, the largest of which being Sky Cove. Sky Cove’s success has come from its optimal position nestled between mountains and next to a river, as well as its secret underground entrance that lets ships slip in from the underside of the island undetected and either remain hidden underground or pop out either on the surface or on the bottom of the island. It is a wealthy pirate haven that has eluded detection to all except the Merchant’s Guild of Irfel, who make quite a profit buying stolen goods from Sky Cove. For this reason, Sky Cove’s current master, Shriek Noonan, has a close relationship with Guildmaster Hallah, which helps keep the Cove prosperous.


Shriek Noonan

Macheath Cay

Katra Sabaton

Rock Avery

Darrow Noss

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Sky Cove

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