Current Wars

Due to the lackluster leadership from the governing body of Tylwol, the Tylwol Congress located in Valos, war has become quite the common notion in recent years. Aside from the warmonger Uhlam, other islands have been going to war constantly in order to try and gain territory and glory, in some cases. About 5 years prior to the current time in the campaign, there was a large conflict between Golos and Calaun, causing massive casualties on both sides and an uneasy truce being reached within 6 months of fighting in response to the savagery seen on both sides on the war. Now, there are two current wars:

Hornblende’s Thirty-Second March

Uhlam and Vicinix vs. Zundae and Hunryr

Uhlam is known by all to be a nation of warmongers. They fight amongst themselves constantly to gain rank and only pause from doing so when the nation is at war, which happens constantly. Their war tendencies are so common that their wars are referred by the number of the ruling family’s war count. The Hornblende regime has fought 31 wars already against various nations, most multiple times, and they recently laid out their 32nd against the peaceful Zundae and Hunryr. Though these nations are largely agricultural, they have been faring quite well, to the surprise of most, particularly with Hunryr’s military prowess. Skirmishes have been most common in Hunryr and in Uhlam’s war buddy Vicinix, who largely just act as Uhlam’s weapon supplier.

Hallah’s Tax War

Deszeld and Galadrian vs. Irfel, Gaulir and Eroese

Guildmaster Hallah was recently elected in the Merchant’s Guild in Irfel and one of his first acts was to instigate a new tax on those who do business through the Guild. Since they literally have a monopoly on trade in Tylwol, they wanted to protect their interests in light of the recent growth of piratical behavior in the skies surrounding Irfel. Many of the cargo ships that are meant to supply various other islands have been sacked and sunk, causing Hallah to instigate a large tax on their customer islands in hope to pay for better protection to keep their assets safe. However, the tax was deemed unreasonable by many, particularly the leader of Deszeld, Director Gavro Deon, as most high island depend on the trade from the lower islands to keep their livelihood in check. Deon proposed an alternate solution, that each island provide their own troops to protect the cargo, but Hallah refused this immediately, stating that as businessmen, it is best that they only use guards they know and trust. This led to accusations of smuggling and possible pirate collusion on both sides of the debate, which ultimately led to armed conflict. Irfel has their slave-island nation Eroese on their side, as well as the low island of Gaulir, who completely agree with Hallah’s proposition, as it would provide more job opportunities to the lower nations that have an over-abundant population. Galadrian is on the side of Deon, believing that every nation is accountable for their own goods upon purchase. Hunryr is the only low island not in this conflict due to their current troubles with Uhlam, leaving many to accuse this war completely on the low nations, as they make up the majority of combatants. This war has also had a crippling effect on the economy of the world, leaving to many islands recruiting privateers to raid others discretely, meaning that Hallah’s attempt to battle piracy only fueled the flame.

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Current Wars

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