Uladdil Zolan

Crown Prince of Piracy


Real Name: Uladdil Zolan
Race: Elf
Base of Operations: Helviurden, Golos
Flag Ship: The End of Madness


Uladdil Zolan is also known as the Crown Prince of Piracy, being the only highly-ranked pirate to be of royal origin, besides Jaxton’s earned royalty and the unclear origins of pirates such as The Acolyte. Born the son of one of the leading four elf families in Golos, Zolan was raised to be a true gentleman prince, earning a high education rating and becoming an award-winning sword expert as well as an astounding student of magic. His turn to piracy was a surprise to his entire family, particularly his wife who hardly leaves their estate, but he has upheld his family name by being the most noble of pirates. He has never killed a civilian and only took from cargo ships what was necessary for his crew, leaving the rest for its intended destination, at times even providing escort after robbing the ship. Furthermore, he has voiced his distaste for most other pirates, vowing to rid the world of any immorality he finds in a gentlemanly manner. Not wanting to risk his crew’s lives, he normally challenges the foe captain to a one-on-one duel, to which he has so far gone undefeated. There are a few pirates he cooperates at times with, such as Professor Fornstrand and Crow Darley but his main goal is to one day slay Surefire Craz, whom he declares is his mortal enemy. Even his ship, The End of Madness, is a symbol of his intention to eradicate the recent influx of immorality in Tylwol. Despite his more noble intentions, his high political standing has earned him an equally high placing on the list. It is rumored that he has a son at home, but the boy is very sickly, which is why no one besides his mother sees him and why she never leaves the house.

Uladdil Zolan

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