General Jaxton

Privateer General


Real Name: Triss Jaxton
Race: Tiefling
Base of Operations: Rhagoh, Uhlam
Flag Ship: The Red Queen


Triss Jaxton is one of the most high-profile pirates on the list and a true exemplar of a privateer, as she has already served as one of the three Generals of Uhlam for twenty years before commanding her own pirate ship, The Red Queen. With the rise of piracy in recent years, Emperor Borax Hornblende II of Uhlam ordered his favorite General to join their ranks in accordance to the wishes of Uhlam, which essentially means she is being paid by Uhlam to sack any ship or city not owned by Uhlam or their one constant ally Vicinix. Another perk of being a privateer for the biggest war-monger in the world is that Triss Jaxton boasts the largest pirate army in the world, eclipsing The Acolyte by nearly a dozen fully-stocked ships. Since her pirate band is more often considered a small army, Many do not actually consider Triss to be a true pirate and is as such condemned by other pirates who do not call Uhlam their home. Beloved by all of Uhlam for consistently reporting victories and returning with spoils of their conquest, she has become a hero of the Uhlam people, particularly for helping to provide provisions, mainly food, for the warring nation. Her flag ship has no significant specifications to speak of, but it considerably larger than most other ships, which is largely irrelevant as her flag ship never sails alone. For giving female pirates a sour name, she has become the mortal enemy of fellow pirate Eyes Tercet, and the two have engaged multiple times with Jaxton retreating in almost every instance, despite her superior numbers.

General Jaxton

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