The Acolyte

Irori's Acolyte


Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human
Base of Operations: Djat, Turac
Flag Ship: Divine Judgment


The Acolyte is one of the most recognizable faces in piracy and yet not much is known about his past, including his actual name. What is known is his religious beliefs and his group of deeply-religious buccaneers that follow his command as if it were the command of his God, Irori. In fact, some, including many of his followers, believe that The Acolyte is the physical embodiment of Irori, sent to enact his divine will on the warring nations of the world and to reinvigorate the pursuit of knowledge. Whatever the case, The Acolyte is one of the most feared pirates due to his disturbingly calm demeanor, even in the midst of a swordfight, something which he has never reportedly lost. True to his priestly presumptions, upon defeating an enemy, many, if not all, of his foes are recruited as his underlings, leaving The Acolyte to have one of the largest pirate armies in the world, second only to General Jaxton. His base of operations is in a major town, the city of Djat in Turac. The authorities in Turac do not oppose his living location because of how dangerous he is, the tourism his presence brings to the city for those who are curious about him, the church’s declaration of his being under their protection while he is in Djat, and his monthly gifts to the island that help keep Turac essentially self-sustainable, an odd thing in this day an age when most islands must depend on each other for certain goods. The Acolyte announces his aggressive intentions to his enemies by means of a large church bell attached to his flag ship, known as the Divine Judgment, informing all that they shall soon be the next victims of this menacing pirate.

The Acolyte

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