Shriek Noonan

Princess of Torture


Real Name: Polly-Ann Noonstaif
Race: Human
Base of Operations: Sky Cove, Zephyria
Flag Ship: Toxic Clover


Polly-Ann Noonstaif was born the daughter of a merchant in the capitol city of Valosian in Valos. Known for her beauty, Noonstaif was approached by many men and was engaged by the age of sixteen to the son of a higher-standing merchant family. Despite her good fortune, Noonstaif was also in the city of Valosian when it was raided by a crew led by a man by the name of Captain Tannis, a major pirate name at that time, and was stored in a small room in the hull. Tied to a post and bruised from head to toe from her assault, she was left completely vulnerable to the men of the crew, one of which decided to visit her room at night and have his two friends stand guard. Minutes later, cries of agony from a man erupted from the room and the two guards quickly attempted to enter the room, but it was barred on the other side. The screams only got louder and more despondent, waking the entire crew, as well as Tannis. It took nearly fifteen minutes for the men to break through into the room, upon which they discovered that Noonstaif sitting patiently in the middle of the room with her assailant in pieces around her. It had been determined that she overpowered the man, gaining control of a knife in his pocket and knocked him out. After tying him up, she then proceeded to slice open every section of skin on his body, beginning with the toes and moving upward. However, Noonstaif was not killed and was instead brought before Tannis who offered her a place in his crew to help keep his men in line. She was made Quartermaster despite the crew’s disapproval and made a reputation for torturing all of her enemies until they shriek, giving her the nickname. She became the fearsome name behind Tannis and after he died in battle, she became captain of the crew. Despite her reputation for torture, she is one of the most cordial pirates, but can quickly turn to her sadistic nature in an instant.

Shriek Noonan

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