The Unknown


Real Name: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Flag Ship: The Fall


The Nightstalker is a true enigma of nature. The only thing known about him is that he is a man and the most deadly force on the planet. He only strikes in the dead of night, under the cover of darkness and when ships disappear completely in the middle of the night, the fault is attributed to him. His ship has never been seen engaging an enemy as he completely annihilates all of his enemies. Whether his victim be a passing cargo ship, another pirate, or even a war party, he never leaves a trace of what occurred. He never speaks a word when at port and when approached, he has been known to slit the throat of his pursuer without even looking at the person. Citizens and pirates alike fear the man, and even whispering his name is believed to draw his wrath upon the speaker and those around them.


Notorious in Tylwol Tylwol Tylwol