Nat Aden

Quartermaster of the Alestorm


A somewhat-short half-elf with dark hair and piercing green eyes. 26 years old.


Nat Aden was trained from a young age as a knight’s squire. She quickly learned to value strength and often devalued those of lesser skill than her own. At the age of 16, Nat joined the Tower Guard of Elysion, guarding the current Archduke Thronn starting in his 8th year as Archduke. She served valiantly until the age of 22, where she was one of bodyguards sent to help protect the new leadership being set up in Zephyria by the dukedom of Calaun to help ensure a smooth transition as Zephyria enters the Valosian Council. She guarded the first Rex, Lutra, who was formerly the duke of Royotia in Calaun, and so was already an acquaintance of Nat’s. It is unknown how Nat transitioned from being a knight in the inner circle of Zephyria to a pirate in Sky Cove, but what is known is that Nat became the first crew member to join aboard the Alestorm, obviously valuing her captain for his strength and notoriety.

She looks up to Shriek Noonan as a role model but wishes not to speak with her before making a better name for herself. Nat trains her swordsmanship every day and tends to always be the first one awake on the ship, practicing on the deck before the sun has even begun to rise.

Nat Aden

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