Lurk the Executioner

Murderer Hero of Uhlam


Real Name: Lurk
Race: Orc
Base of Operations: Hollowland, Djolt
Flag Ship: Sky’s Howl


Lurk is a nine-foot tall Orc born the son of a mining family from Deszeld. It is actually believed by many that he is actually the son of his mother and giant, which may explain his incredible size compared to the size of the standard representative of his race. His reputation spread once he began working in the mines for being the strongest and most efficient worker, but his infamy spread after he impaled a fellow worker who fell in front of his swing, shook the body off his pick without missing a beat, and went straight back to work beside the corpse. He was brought to the nobles in Uhlam, who admired his strength, as strength is equal to nobility in Uhlam. However, as he was not officially born a son of Uhlam, he could not be made a general and was instead hired as the prized executioner under the Emperor’s employment. Many misunderstood his nature, assuming he was dimwitted due t his quiet tendencies, but he proved his intelligence and strength at the same time upon raiding the personal home of the former General Fauxton by himself and killing all of the inhabitants, including the General himself. Lurk took the General’s belongings, as well as his prized ship the Sky’s Howl, and sailed away in search of a crew to compliment his aggressive nature. Despite slaying the family of a distinguished General, Uhlam still holds Lurk in high regard in respect of his immense strength and a statue to him has been erected in the place that General Fauxton’s house once stood. Lurk now inhabits Hollowland, a pirate settlement formed by him on the deserted island of Djolt that honors only strength. All ships who wish to enter for the first time must submit all crewmembers, captain included, in a Battle Royale to weed out any weaklings. Once exactly half of the men have fallen, the men are accepted and welcomed into Lurk’s deadly crew.

Lurk the Executioner

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