Eyes Tercet

The Siren Queen


Real Name: Izad Tercet
Race: Angel
Base of Operations: Olympia, Voarex
Flag Ship: The Hangman


Most pirates are people, men and women with extraordinary abilities. The crew of The Hangman are not of this plane but regardless have come to wreak havoc, led by their gorgeous leader Izad Tercet. Tercet is the pirate with the longest tenure as captain in the world, as she also participated as a pirate captain during what was known as the Silver Age of Piracy nearly 200 years ago. Even with her long history, it is not known what exactly led to her becoming a fallen, nor even who she served before becoming tainted. Despite becoming pure evil, she has not lost an ounce of her beauty, which has led many who fear and admire her to refer to her as The Siren Queen, but most call her “Eyes” Tercet. This nickname comes from her large necklace made up of her enemies eyes that she wears during every battle, petrified to act as jewelry. It is said that she never wears the same necklace twice, meaning that in every skirmish, the enemy force never goes unscathed. It is also rumored that the Silver Age was ended by “Eyes”, who got bored of the pirates of that time and decided to eliminate them all, though this has not been confirmed. Due to her celestial ties, she is easily one of the strongest pirates of all time, but much of her time right now is spent hunting the Privateer General Jaxton and eviscerating her large army of a pirate force. If her focus was not so dead-set on Jaxton, she could easily be ranked higher up on the list, but her focus has led her to neglect to raid civilian towns and ships, meaning she is more a risk to other pirates than civilians. Her ship, The Hangman, is one of the fastest ships in the skies and boasts a large red devil figurehead on the front.

Eyes Tercet

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