Surefire Craz

Pyro Prodigy


Real Name: Gorgon Craz
Race: Oread
Base of Operations: Unknown
Flag Ship: Lord of Fire


Born in the peaceful town of Jesper, Zundae, Gorgon Craz was the son of a farmer and a librarian, a pair that believed that he could challenge the perceptions of Oreads and be the first Oread in the world to be accepted into the University of Barrock. After many years studying, Director Gavro Deon personally accepted Craz’s request to join the ranks of the University, expecting great things from the prodigy. He became even more enveloped in his studies while at the University and soon became the top ranking student there, despite also having the highest absent record in the history of the school. One night, the school’s laboratory caught fire via an alchemical explosion and the quiet Craz volunteered to rush into the building and save one of the assistants still stuck in the blaze, since authorities haven’t reached the scene yet. When the professors of the University gathered together to douse the fire, Craz was found in the laboratory setting fire to an already charred corpse. Craz obviously didn’t start the fire but it consumed his heart and soul, leading him to pour all of his time into researching fire, which also led him to failing out of the school he was previously the top student in. He joined a crew a short time later and quickly became captain by forcefully subduing and then burning alive any who stood above him. His fire tendencies are even more apparent with his flagship, the Lord of Fire, which features eight large pipes that curve upward from the ship’s hull and erupt columns of flame straight up along the ship’s flanks. It has been rumored that they could then be curved downward to use as weapons versus other ships but it is unknown if this is completely accurate or not. Craz is one of the most deadly and unrelenting pirates flying the skies of Tylwol, as well as one of the least liked by other pirates.

Surefire Craz

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