Professor Fornstrand

The Genius


Real Name: Darius Fornstrand
Race: Halfling
Base of Operations: The Ghors, Calaun
Flag Ship: The Discovery


Darius Fornstrand is believed by many to be the most intelligent man on the planet, as it is well known that he refused the position of Director of the University of Barrock for over a dozen years before eventually leaving the University. What is currently unknown is why the distinguished man, who’s achievements include discovering the cure for aging as well as discovering the secrets of Skystone and Earthstone technology with his then-friend Leucetius over 5 centuries ago, would now turn to piracy out of the blue. Despite his dubious intentions, Fornstrand quickly proved his skill as a pirate by raiding the impenetrable Bank of Elysion without being detected or shedding a single drop of blood. Gathering what is supposed the largest treasure trove in the world and audaciously residing in the nearby mountains, The Ghors, earned him his rank on the list as well as his reputation as the smartest and richest man in the world. His ship, The Discovery, is known to also have teleportation capabilities as well as superior defenses when compared to other pirate ships. He never uses The Discovery to engage with other ships, but only for retreating from combat, which is why he is not ranked higher on the list. Despite this, he commands respect among the pirate community for his achievements and his joyful attitude to his fellow pirate, except for those he despises, particularly Surefire Craz. Probably the only pirate in the world who is not believed to have killed a single person.

Professor Fornstrand

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