One of the Seven Saints


Real Name: Clannad Darley
Race: Tengu
Base of Operations: Raali, Hunryr
Flag Ship: The Mockingbird


Clannad grew up as the son of a Flannax Darley, a noble-born self-made entrepreneur from Calaun who had single-handedly established his mercantile empire across the world known as the Darley Collective. His project grew to the point that it could have rivaled the Merchant’s Guild as the leading Mercantile provider in the world until other nobles in the city of Elysion with vested interests in the Merchant’s Guild banded together to buy out almost all of Darley’s customers in less than a year. This costly maneuver proved fatal, as the Darley Corporation was forced to file for bankruptcy in that same time period due to the sudden catastrophic losses. This story of the fall of the Darley Collective is common knowledge, but what is less know is the fate of Flannax and his family, who were forced out of Calaun. Flannax set his family up in a tolerable hovel outside of Raali but his enemies were not done with the ambitious Tengu, as he was apprehended by unknown agents and disappeared. It is believed that he was taken to Eroese, where he either resides now or has already died from the strain the miners there endure. Clannad grew up with thoughts of revenge on his mind, forming groups of his classmates to rain visiting noble ships of all of their wealth. However, Clannad was never interested in the wealth, neither were his comrades, and they decided to administer their spoils among the community. Clannad and his compatriots, known as the Seven Saints, eventually graduated into piracy, forming their own pirate crew. According to the pact that the crew signed, there really is no leader, as every decision is made democratically, but Crow has become the most notorious of the crew due to his background and his tendency to wear noble clothes to mock those he robs.


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